by blackoracle

A cosmic conception,
lapsed between tides.
A beautiful maiden,
entangled in lies.
Patiently waiting,
she hopes to be bride.
To mother the cosmos,
with darkness in stride.

Awaiting the moment,
she kneels on the steps.
Praying to darkness,
a prayer soon she’ll regret.
A life ruled by misery,
shadows & fret.
To mother the cosmos,
she soon will repent.

The moon clearly waning,
burst full of desire.
Invites the flamed maiden,
a lift heaven higher.
She gladly accepts,
and lust fuels the fire.
Thus cosmos were born,
wombed in pyre.

The moon quickly cycles,
and then disappears.
Proving too soon,
the maiden’s true fear.
The calm cosmic child,
conceived so dear.
Resides far in the heavens,
condemned as a seer.